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To earn trust, you have to start connecting with people.
That's where we come in.
January 2022 Deal - Warrior Lanes
December 2021 - PerKup Café
November 2021 - Pole Position Raceway
October 2021 - Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh
Sweet Swirls Rolled Ice Cream - October 2021
Your Private Bar - August 2021
Donut Hut - June 2021
Taki Japanese Steakhouse - June 2021
Climb Iowa - May 2021
Chu Chu Donuts - April 2021
Sorriso Grille - March 2021
Panka Peruvian Restaurant - February 2021
The Royal Mile - January 2021
The Simple Greek - December 2020
Pyra Pizzeria - November 2020
Ethan Hokel_Outside Scoop2_digital
Adam Janssen_Totally Rolled Ice Cream_di
District 36 Wine Bar & Grille - September 2020
TAKI - August 2020
Fong's Pizza - July 2020
Chuchu Donut - June 2020
Lucky Lotus - May 2020
Simple Greek - April 2020
Outside Scoop - March 2020
Brenton Skating - February 2020
Perk Up Cafe - January 2020
Perk Up Cafe - January 2020
Sorriso Grille - December 2019
Sweet Swirls - November 2019
Donut Hut - October 2019
Fongs Pizze - September 2019
Climb Iowa - August 2019
Toad Valley Golf course - July 2019
Taki Japanese Steakhouse - June 2019
Firecreek - May 2019
Pole Position Raceway - April 2019
Lola's Fine Kitchen - March 2019
Brenton Skating Rink - Feb 2019
Mama Mia - January 2019
Namaste India - December 2018
Teriyaki House - November 2018
Spavia Day Spa - October 2018
Serenity Couture - September 2018
Toad Valley - August 2018
Climb Iowa - July 2018
Stuffed Olive - June 2018
Taki Japanese Steakhouse - May 2018
Firecreek - April 2018
Barnstormers - March 2018
MB2 - February 2018
Broheim's - January 2018
Brenton Skating Plaza - Dec 201
Marlene's - November 2017
Magnolia - October 2017
Le Jardin - September 2017
Climb Iowa - August 2017
Guru BBQ - July 2017
Taki Japanese Steakhouse - June 2017
Fong's Pizza - May 2017
Red Rossa Piza - April 2017
Skate West - March 2017
Sam & Gabes - February 2017
Ceviche - January 2017
Brenton Skating Plaza - Dec 2016
Climb Iowa Nov 2016
Magnolia Wine Kitchen Oct 2016
Donut Hut Sept 2016
Toad Valley Golf Course Aug 2016
Taki Japanese Steakhouse
Cache Bakeshoppe June 2016
Guru BBQ May 2016
Iowa Barnstormers April 2016
Lurra Cocina March 2016
Climb Iowa Feb 2016
Brenton Skating Plaza Jan 2016
Skate West Dec 2015
Iowa Wild Nov 2015
Fong's Pizza Oct 2015
Certified Green Sept 2015
Voodoo Lounge Aug 2015
Stuffed Olive July 2015
Taki Japanese Steakhouse June 2015
Hoshi Sushi May 2015
Club Car April 2015
Mama Laconas March 2015
Iowa Wild Feb 2015
Wasabi Tao January 2015


We send you a custom designed postcard each month with exclusive deals from businesses in Iowa we've partnered with which you can give as a gift to your clients. 

We do all the work in getting those exclusve deals from local businesses. 

Designing of the postcards is on us too. We can also take care of sending them out to your clients for a small fee, if you like



Referral Squirrel has been one of the most effective marketing pieces that I use in my business. The thing I like about it best is the artwork is done, branded and ready to go when I receive it. I get a good response and it is one great excuse to reach out to my clients.



Scott Wendl


Referral Squirrel has allowed me to keep in touch with my past clients and offer them a token of my appreciation each month. I have used Referral Squirrel for a few years now and will continue to use them for years to come! I highly recommend using them!



Zack Klatt

Fidelity Bank

I've been using Referral Squirrel for roughly 3 years now and I could not be happier. It's a very easy way to stay in touch with past clients and market to potential new ones. The best thing about it is that you're actually providing something of use to your clients. I have hundreds of clients and they look forward to getting my letters every month because of the value that myself and Referral Squirrel has added.


Jason Kaiman

Collins Community Credit Union



I love Referral Squirrel! It's an affordable way to give back to my clients and stay connected. There are a variety of deals which is nice because there is something offered for everyone.



Angela Meek

RE/MAX Real Estate Concepts

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