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1 Simple Thing Most Realtors Miss

Moving houses is not an easy feat. There are just so many things to take care of. No matter how much help you have, things can get overwhelming what with the many logistics to arrange and the tiniest details you have to keep in mind.

Getting your stuff moved in to your new home is just the first hurdle. There’s still making sure you have internet, hot water, checking to see if your HVAC is working properly, the security system and a lot more. It’s a lot of stress, a lot of time on the phone trying to find people to take care of whatever is needed to be done while at the same time you try go about your normal routine of going to work and or taking care of your family.

As a realtor, you could have helped make things easier. For instance, you could have asked the seller to list down the contact details of people who have worked on the property from equipment maintenance, electrician, window cleaners, etc. By doing this, you’re also saving yourself time from having to answer these queries from the buyer in the days or weeks after they moved in.

If all real estate agents who sell properties take the time to think of what their client is about to do next once they moved in a new home, moving houses would probably be a lot easier.

The point of sale or delivery is not where your customer service should stop.

How are you making things easier for your clients?

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