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The Secret to Getting Referrals

As realtors, we’re all aware that referrals serve as the bloodline of our business. Life would be much harder without them.

But often times, we don’t give much thought and importance on how we can get referrals.

Just handing your business card and hoping that someone will eventually refer someone to you is not a very good strategy.

We often think that putting our name out there and getting attention is the best way to get people to do business with us. It is tempting to want to broadcast, make more people aware of you, and get attention. But often times, attention does not convert.

Attention alone does not make people buy (or give recommendation).

Think of how you refer friends to businesses you like.

You’d refer them to brands you strongly have affinity with, you trust. We all have our favorites from ice cream brands, cafes, restaurants, to shoe brands and so on. What makes you come back again and again? What makes you want to tell your friends and even random strangers about your favorite small café down the road?

You can always claim to be the best, the most trustworthy realtor in the world, but what are your clients and people saying about you?

This is how your marketing approach should be.

Don’t just get people’s attention. Give them a reason to get your service and refer people to you.

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