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Realtors, How Are You Marketing Your Self?

It's not surprising to see realtors have websites and social media presence these days. The world has gone digital and people go online to find things. So yes, it's only smart for you to have presence online.

But the more important question is what are you focusing on?

For most, it's being found. So you spend thousands of dollars every month on Google, an SEO expert, and other online experts promising you of "getting found". You get more leads as a result and that's a reason to be happy.

But the thing that you may be forgetting is that the many other realtors like you who are online and paying to get found are also getting more leads. So what does this mean for you and your competition?

You start competing on price and not value.

If you poured out all your focus to being found just like the rest of your competition, there's nothing that distinguishes you from the crowd. So when a prospect customer gets to your website, you will appear to them as just like everyone else. So all those money you spent to be found is wasted.

If being found is your marketing's focus then you need to seriously reconsider your priority.

The goal of any marketing should be to make your prospective customers not even think about considering another option. This is where you should focus your energy.

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