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Every Home Has a Story So Why Aren't You Telling It?

When you look at homes listed for sale, you usually read texts such as:

"Spilling with elegance, newly renovated, very unique property. This beautiful residence is set amidst lush gardens (about 800 sqm), a stone's throw away from schools and parks..."

And it goes on with beautiful words describing each part of the house. You get the picture.

You rarely find one that tells a story, and from the perspective of the current owner selling the home.

What if you do that instead? What if you ask the homeowner to pen a love letter to prospective homebuyers?

What if your home listing reads like this?

For more than 4 decades, this has been my parents' home. The first 18 years of my life, it was my home and the same is true for my younger sibling. It has seen sunny days and withstood gloomy ones. Yes, it has undergone renovations and expansions over the years in tune with the changing needs of our family. And right now, as it is, we believe it's the ideal family home.

The kitchen is my favorite part of our home. This is where I would often catch my mom singing and dancing while whipping up dishes. With its vast space and light, it has given me so many memories. This is where I cried to my mom over my very first heartbreak and she baked me my favorite cookies. On one June morning, when I was 7 years old, Mom and Dad was waiting for me in the kitchen. They were so giddy and excited. And once I heard that I was going to be a big sister, I think I was wearing the same giddiness and excitement on my face.

Christmas mornings, I would always be the first one to wake up and run down to the living room and start looking for the present with my name on it. That was until, my younger brother came along. As a baby, he had this knack of waking up really early on Christmas mornings. I would often find Mom or Dad with her on the couch, giggling, and playing. I'd kiss my baby brother on the cheek and greet him a Merry Christmas and I would rummage the presents under the Tree to find one with my baby brother's name on it. I always insisted that my parents open the present for my baby brother first from me. And so that tradition went on until we're all grown up.

The garden is our favorite place to have meals come summer time. The patio will have this large table where we'd gather around with friends and family and enjoy delicious meals and conversations.

I'm taking my mom and dad to my home where I currently live with my own family. I am very sorry to take them away from this lovely community. For sure they will miss the strong sense of community that this neighborhood has. But mom and dad are empty nesters. And the house is just too big for them to take care of. So I'm taking them home with me. They're very fond of their 2 grandchildren!

To you, the new owner of this home, we sure had wonderful years living in this home. It's yours now. We leave you with good wishes.

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