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4 Things Any New Homeowner Should Know

Congratulations! You are now officially a homeowner. These are exciting times for sure. But don't let the thrill of finally owning your home lead to major boo-boos. Here are 4 things that all new homeowners should know about.

4 Things Every New Homeowner Should Know About

1. The Main Water Shut Off Valve

Don't wait for a busted pipe or a leak happen first before locating your home's main water shut off valve. In just a few minutes, gallons of water can seep through your home's interior and soaking everything in its path. Your drywall, flooring and personal valuables can be easily damaged by water. Every second counts. If you know where exactly the shut off valve is, you can minimize damage. Everyone in your household should know where it is and how to shut it off.

2. What's Hidden Behind the Walls

What's behind your walls? Wires, pipes, cables, and ductwork. As a new homeowner, you'd want to put up stuff on your walls. Be careful when drilling into them as you just might hit a pipe or wiring and damage them. So be very careful. You can make use of a stud sensor - a tool that detects the presence of ducts, cables, and studs. It costs under $30. Keep in mind though that stud sensors are not foolproof. As a rule, it's best to drill 1 and 1/4 inches deep max. You should also note that wiring runs horizontally from outlet to outlet approximately 8 inches to 2 feet from the flooring so you should not drill there at all. Vertical spots above and below your wall switches are also no-drill zones.

3. Your Attic Access and Its Insulation

You need to know where your ceiling hatch is located. Once you find that then you can go ahead and check if you have enough attic insulation. Seeing the tops of the joists? Then you don't have enough. You also need to make sure that the hatch is properly insulated. A 4-inch thick foam board will provide enough insulation.

4. Never Cut Down a Tree on Your Own

Cutting down a tree seems like an easy task right? But a lot of things can go wrong. The tree can either fall down on your house or worse on you, or someone you love. So leave the tree-cutting to the professionals.

These are just 4 things that any new homeowner should know about.

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