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This Earth Day Give Our Planet Some Extra Loving

It’s great that you've taken steps to take care of our planet. Shopping locally, bringing your reusable bags to the groceries, making use of refillable water containers, and switching to LED lights really help our only home planet a lot.

But since it’s Earth Day today, our planet deserves some extra loving.

Small Acts You Can Do To Give Our Planet Some Extra TLC

  • Walk instead of driving to places especially if they’re reasonably near. You can also ride the bicycle instead.

  • Lessen your TV time.

  • Lessen your time surfing and browsing the net.

  • Unplug devices that you’re not using. That small red dot you see on your appliances means they’re consuming electricity.

In comparison to the abundant gifts our planet has given to us freely, these are really small sacrifices.

What are you willing to do extra for our planet today?

And if you can show a little TLC for Earth everyday, all the better!

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